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Voiceovers In Our World Are Now Everywhere

Voiceovers are Everywhere
by Dianne D. – SunSpots Productions, Inc.

We take our audio wherever we go…from our morning alarm, to the shower, to our car, on the way to class, the gym, on our dog walks, poolside and beyond.  And today, there are more and more places to hear targeted voiceover ads and political messages than ever before!  While traditional radio, TV and social media advertising buys remain marketing go-to’s, there are loads of other outlets for getting audible messages to the voting public.

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Listen to this!  In a case study from The Trade Desk and Spotify, ads with audio boosted content recall by more than 150 percent and when combined with video and display components, recall was amplified by over 200 percent!  This article highlights some of other findings and trends.

With all that attention for eyes and ears everywhere we go, directed consumer marketing is becoming more programmatic by the minute.  That is, software designed to automate strategic ad buys on websites and apps using algorithms to specifically target our likes, dislikes, habits, and interests. But that’s a blog for another day.

The next time you’re out and about, take a listen to all the audible messages you encounter with voiceovers.  You may be surprised how certain ads follow you … and stay with you. 

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