About Us

Powering Political Messages with Professional Voice Talent: About PoliticalVoiceTalent.com

Our Political Voice Talent recording sessions are scheduled and completed at SunSpots Productions, with studios in Orlando, FL. We provide a phone or Skype patch for you to listen in and direct your talent live. If you prefer to use your recording studio, no problem. Studios can connect with us for a live, high-quality audio session using their ISDN, Source Connect or ip/DTL resources. Call 407-656-3400 now to schedule your political media session.

SunSpots’ professional audio engineers will ensure the highest possible audio quality during your session. If you’re new to directing voice talent, don’t worry. Our audio engineers are trained to help get just the read you’re looking for from your voice talent.

And because SunSpots provides free auditions using a portion of your script, you can get exactly the sound you’re after. We also offer full audio production services for all media. We can mix your ad with music and other sound elements if desired and we have the ability to record ADR sessions too.

¿Necesitas talento en español para una campaña latina? We have has Spanish voice over talent, bilingual engineers, and translators available for your campaign too – solo pregunta!

If you happen to need voice talent for jobs other than political campaigns, please visit SunSpots Productions’ EZCast Voice Over Casting System to narrow your search down quickly.

Thanks again for visiting PoliticalVoiceTalent.com. If you need assistance in casting the right voice for your campaign, we’re happy to help with suggestions. Please, get in touch with us and let us know what you need! For session scheduling assistance call 407-656-3400 now. May your candidate or cause be successful!