Voice Over Talent Contact Form

Becoming a voice over talent
with SunSpots Productions

We’re always looking for new voices! If you are a working voice over talent, please give us some details on the political work you’ve done recently. For instance, what campaigns have you been involved with, and what do you get hired for most often? Fill out the form below and please allow us 2 weeks to get back in touch with you.

If you’re brand new to voice work, we’re sorry – but we only accept voice over talent who have experience in live sessions with a director. In order to get an idea of the types of read styles that we look for in voice talent, please take a listen to some of the talent who are listed with us on the front page. If you’d like some information on how to become a voice talent, please visit SunSpots Productions’ Top Ten Things You Can Do To Learn How To Do Voice Overs

Thanks for considering us!