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The Mueller Report is Released: What do you think?

Image of President Donald Trump. Photo Credit: Saul Loce/Getty Images
President Donald Trump

Searching for the recently released, but redacted, Mueller Report? Here’s the link to it. The report is searchable and at 400 pages ensures a well-earned rest after reading. Who knows, it may become the latest insomnia “medication”. In addition to the link above, you can click the image below and it’ll take you to the PDF.

What does it all mean? The fallout from the public presentation is falling along partisan lines with Democrats wanting to subpoena Mueller while Republicans are claiming President Trump has been vindicated. We believe this may become another hot summer politically as discussions of impeachment have begun from the Democrats.

Democrat House Intelligence Chair, Rep. Adam Schiff, said President Trump’s actions documented in the report, “are unquestionably dishonest, unethical, immoral and unpatriotic and should be condemned by every American.” On the other side of the aisle, Republican Rep. Mark Meadows said in response to the report’s release, “Prosecutors have one job, and that’s to prosecute and indict. And if Bob Mueller in two and a half years of investigation – which includes both the FBI and special prosecutor’s time – doesn’t bring charges, I don’t know how much longer we need to be talking about collusion and obstruction.”

President Trump didn’t answer reporters questions as he and First Lady, Melania were walking to their helicopter to vacation at Trump’s resort in Florida.

Our take? Read the report for yourself and judge. No doubt this discussion will last a very long time. It’s best to come to the conversations online and at the water cooler with the facts that you’ve discovered. Let the political pundits take their spins around the truth but at minimum arm yourself with knowledge direct from the Mueller Report source. Knowledge is power and the Truth shall set you free.

Image of the cover of the Mueller Report.